Exhibition Solutions


We offer a variety of different solutions for seminars ranging
from a simple LED screen and PA and use technical tricks,
like carefully placed lighting, to give even the simplest of solutions
a bit of personality.
A combination of projection and LED screens can be combined with
the creative support of our studio to enhance your brand presence.
We can factor in the presentation of multiple source inputs and outputs.
We ensure your conference has the visual impact you desire
so that your time, effort and investment
are well rewarded.and investment are well rewarded.

Radio Frequency Management

We are at the forefront of the industry in terms of
Radio Frequency Management's understanding and management.
This is a complex issue - using a microphone that operates
at a free frequency within the bandwidth range,
that is used by anyone invariably, leads to interference
and crossover, and it is not very pleasant experience
for the presenter or the audience.
That is why as a matter of policy,
we always purchase private frequencies on
behalf of organisers for all events that it undertakes.

Silent Seminar Technology

Noise pollution in theatres is a perennial problem that detracts
from the delegates’ enjoyment of the sessions
they have taken time to attend. Our Silent Seminar solution completely
alleviates this problem using a proven technology
from a parallel market that we have adapted and applied to events.
Each delegate gets their own headset which allows them
to hear clearly and set their own volume.

Video & Live Streaming | Online and in keynote theatres

This sophisticated HD technology, allows us to connect a
camera feed and presenter’s computer.
We capture both items in a single video stream and output
this live across networks to
overflow theatres. This content can also be
captured & recorded for live output onto
the Internet or for editing and streaming post-event.
Live webcasting allows your event to be broadcast to remote locations,
meaning your audience can log in and watch your event from almost
anywhere in the world

Event Digital Signage

We have developed the first Digital Signage solution designed
exclusively for events and exhibitions using our
“EventIgnite” brand name. Our Digital Signage software
has been used at hundreds of events throughout the world,
on behalf of the world's leading Event Organisers.
Our system has many features and can generate additional revenue by
selling Digital Adverts that we create for you and your sponsors.
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