Below are frequently asked questions, we're here to help on the live chat too!
Please give us a call or send us an email if you don't find the answers you're looking for. We'd love to hear from you!

1. When do you deliver and collect?

We deliver your order on the final build day before the show opens.
Any timings we provide are estimates as there are many factors that affect our ability to deliver to an exhibition
stand at a particular time such as walls being built and power being available. You will be able to co-ordinate directly
with our onsite team on the day. We will collect our equipment as soon as possible after the show closes.

2. Will you set up the equipment for us?

Yes, we provide a full installation and support service for your stand.
If you are bringing your own devices to connect to our equipment, our onsite team will assist you and
make sure everything is ready for the show.

3. What technical support do you provide?

If you experience any difficulties with our equipment after installation, one of our technicians will visit your stand to ensure that the equipment is operating correctly. For every event we provide a dedicated “Hotline Number” that you can call at any time during the event for technical support.

Please note that we can only guarantee to support our own equipment, which we will replace as quickly as possible in the unlikely event of technical failure. We will attempt to troubleshoot connected equipment provided by you, but we cannot guarantee its operation.

Our support is limited to ensuring that our equipment is functioning correctly. If you require support to operate our equipment, for example helping with a presentation on a laptop or operating a PA system and microphones, we are happy to provide a quotation for either Duration or Dedicated Technical Support.

4. What mounting options do you offer for display screens?

Display screens can be mounted on either a desk stand or floorstand. Alternatively, they can also be wall mounted.
You must specify one of these mounting options at the time of ordering. We also provide floorstand accessories such as
a floorstand shelf (upon request).

5. Can you wall mount a display screen?

We offer a wall mount installation service. However, you must ensure that the wall is suitably reinforced before installation.
Note that it is not possible to wall mount onto a standard shell scheme wall.
Please make additional arrangements with your stand builder to have a shell scheme panel reinforced.
Also, if you would like your screen to be mounted above head height, you must let us know in advance
in order that we bring the appropriate lifting equipment to mount your screen safely - additional charges may apply.

6. Can I play content on a screen via USB input?

The majority of our screens have USB playback functionality and you are more than welcome to use this option.
However, please be aware that the built-in USB media players will only play standard movie format files
(such as .mov or .mp4) or JPEG images. Furthermore, if you wish to play your content on a continuous loop,
only one movie file can be played at a time. For a small cost we can provide a media player which
will play multiple movie files on a loop.

7. Can I run PowerPoint on the screens?

You have two options. You can connect a laptop using a HDMI cable or you can save your presentation as JPEGs
and run these as a slideshow simply by inserting a memory stick into the USB slot on the screen.

8. Can I connect my Apple Mac laptop to a screen?

Yes, but you must provide your own MAC to HDMI adaptor.

9. Can I use my Apple products with Aztec's Touch Screens?

No, we do not have any drivers that support Apple products for Touch Screens.

10. What aspect ratio does my content or my PowerPoint need to be in?

To use the entire screen without distorting your images, video or presentation,
you must ensure that images, video and slides are designed in a 16:9 ratio.

11. What if we require assistance during the show?

We provide onsite support free of charge. At every show we provide a Hotline support number
which we provide to all our clients on the installation day. We do not just deliver and leave,
we stay for the duration of the show where you can request our assistance at any time by simply calling our Hotline number.

12. What happens if the hired equipment is lost or damaged?

It is important that our equipment is protected; because of this, we offer "Loss and Damage Waiver" on all our equipment.
This is not obligatory as you can either use your own insurance cover for hired equipment or
purchase Aztec's Loss and Damage Waiver. Our comprehensive waiver protects you against accidental loss,
accidental damage and theft.

13. How do I order?

We have three easy ways to order:
1. Order online
2. Call us directly on 020 7803 4000 or
3. Email us at mailto:hola@azteceu.com
We are always happy to provide a no-obligation quotation, so feel free to get in touch.

14. Can I order on behalf of my client if I am a stand contractor?

Absolutely. We often work with stand contractors and will be happy to support you at any stage, from concept to design and installation. We are happy to share our creative ideas and our technical advice. Furthermore, we provide contractor discounts whenever possible so, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team for a no obligation quote.

15. What are your payment terms?

We require payment in full before the hire can commence. You can either pay by card at any time before the start of the hire period or bank transfer no later than 7 days before the start of the hire period. Bank transfers are not acceptable within 7 days of the hire.

16. What if I change my mind and decide to cancel my order?

For all exhibitor orders, please refer to the table below:

17. How are the IVA/VAT rules applied?

All transactions are subject to standard Spanish IVA at the prevailing rate, subject to the following exceptions:

1. If your company is registered in the European Union (but outside Spain), we will not collect IVA from you as long as you provide us with a valid EU tax registration number (and an email address) when you reach the cart page. If you fail to provide a valid EU tax registration number, IVA will still be collected.

  • Please remember to enter your two letter country code in capital letters before your tax registration number so that we are able to verify it with the relevant tax authority (see this document if you are not sure what your two letter country code is).
  • If you have provided a valid tax registration number and email address but are seeing an error alert when you try to check out, please proceed to checkout without entering a tax registration number, then send your tax registration number to sales@azteceu.com and we will be happy to refund you for the IVA that you were charged.

2. If your company is registered outside of the European Union, we will not collect IVA from you.

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